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Airalle treatment - Head Lice Removal-lousebuster, airalle
Airalle treatment - Head Lice Removal-lousebuster, airalle
Airalle treatment - Head Lice Removal
Price starting at RM 85 ++ onwards for male and RM 100++ onwards for female.

At Lice Ninja, we offer all natural non-toxin, non-chemicals and non pesticide products. Lice Ninja offers a 1 TIME TREATMENT METHOD using the Airalle™ device! All other lice removal methods require follow up. If you are not eligible for the Airalle™ Treatment, we also offer a manual Comb-Out Treatment.

AiralIe™ Treatment                   from RM 85++ onwards per person

TheAiralleTreatment option provides a safe, fast and very effective way to kill all stages of head lice – including lice eggs. Airalle™ Treatment is performed by a trained Airalle Certified Operator™ who uses a disposable applicator tip attached to the Airalle™ device to direct carefully controlled heated air against the hair roots and scalp where lice and their eggs typically are located. NO CHEMICALS ARE USED! An average of 30 minutes is required to make sure the whole scalp has been treated. This will be followed by a 30-60 minute comb-out to remove the dead lice and nits. No follow up is necessary or needed.

Our Guarantee

Once you received a LouseBuster™, you will be lice free. The treatment required is only once. We are glad to offer a 7-14 days guarantee that you are lice free after receiving treatment Airalle™ treatment.


We guarantee that you will be 100% lice free after being treated with the Airalle™.  The nits will be combed out and any stray nits will be dead and unable to hatch.

Gender:Male RM85.00
Female RM100.00
Additional Pricing: Amount of infestation, RM 85 / RM 100 +++
Additional Pricing: Time Consumed during treatment RM 85 +++ or RM 100 +++ and above
Additional Pricing: Length of hair-RM 85 +++ or RM 100 +++ and up
Price Effect:

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