Malaysia's Head Lice Removal Salon

The LouseBuster™ device kills all stages of head lice: adults, nymphs, and eggs

resistance to many traditional pesticide-based control methods, which have never been able to kill eggs (nits) effectively and usually require repeated treatments.

Based on clinical study data, the LouseBuster™ device kills or removes over 95% of head lice and eggs in one single treatment. Overall, greater than 99% of the eggs on people treated with the LouseBuster™ device are dead following treatment.

The type or length of hair does not impact effectiveness as long as the hair can be combed or picked through with a standard comb. 

The LouseBuster™ technology is based on breakthrough research conducted by evolutionary parasitologist Dr. Dale Clayton and students at the University of Utah. The initial research was published in November, 2006 in the journal Pediatrics.The effectiveness data we mention on our website and in any marketing collateral is substantiated by later research which was submitted to the FDA to receive clearance. This later research will be published in the near future.


Dr. Dale H. Clayton, Ph.D is the lead inventor and scientist behind The LouseBuster™ technology and one of the worlds leading experts on the evolutionary biology of lice. He has 2 books, 8 book chapters, and over 100 relevant publications to his credit. In 2008 he received the Ward Medal, the American Society of Parasitologists' highest honor. He is a past Secretary of the Society for the Study of Evolution, and a Fellow of the American Ornithologist's Union. He is a frequent guest lecturer around the world and has received substantial federal research support for his work. Dr. Clayton supports the company from within the University of Utah where he teaches and conducts research as a Professor in the Department of Biology.

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