Malaysia's Head Lice Removal Salon

Why Lice Ninja is Effective

Lice Ninja has one thing in mind, to eliminate head lice & eggs. We are a unique salon, providing Lice Treatment only for kids as well as adults or anyone infested with head lice.

We use the best head lice treatment out there,both service and products, called LouseBuster™ and our very own non-pesticide based  Head Lice Treatment Kit product. Rest assured our service is fast, safe, and effective.

Forget Those Tedious Combing

We stop the head lice & eggs from colonizing your hair with only 1-2 appointments  for normal , short haired within 7 days gap. Longer hair and heavily infested hair would probably need 3 appointments. Best of all, we do everything for you by :
  • Checking for head lice infestation,
  • Once an infestation is confirmed, we suck the head lice out with our lice sucker.
  • Next we use the revolutionary device called LouseBuster™ to kill all lice,  nits & eggs.
  • Finally we thoroughly remove all the dead eggs, lice & nits,
  • All in all this process will take approximately 45 minutes up to 1 and half hour per treatement

It's thorough and fun for us. No more worries and tedious combing and you can happily move on with your lives. No more scratching, no more shame. Your problem is fixed. Indeed we are the best solution you can find.

Upon arriving during for your appointment, please make sure the hair is clean and dry. Also we appreciate if the hair is untangled and free from any hair products. 

In some cases / circumstances the LouseBuster™ device cannot be used , we will manually remove all the lice and the nits, with approximately 2-3 appointments each 4 days apart.  This is to break the lice life cycle going on in the hair.

We also offer Head Lice Screening at a reasonable rate if you are unsure whether you or your child has head lice. If we find them we will offer our service needed and the Head Lice Screening payment will be waived.

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