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About Chemical Use

Almost all of the prescription and over-the-counter medications sold today for treating head lice contain pesticides or other chemical compounds that can cause irritating skin reactions or other .

Unlike these products, the LouseBuster™ device uses only controlled, heated air, so it provides a safe alternative, especially for people with asthma and for those who have previously experienced side effects from other head lice treatment products.

Chemicals can be harmful to your health. Here are some resources for you to make an informed decision on what would be the best head lice treatment to choose:

The National Pediculosis Association, Inc.

We support the mission of the National Pediculosis Association (NPA), a non-profit health and education organization established in 1983 to protect children from the harmful effects of pesticides used for the treatment of head lice.

The NPA serves the public by providing independent and helpful information and resources so that pediculosis can be controlled safely and effectively. As part of its mission, the NPA works to encourage health and child care professionals to adopt standardized head lice management programs in an effort to keep the children in school lice and nit free.

Head Lice Chemicals

Ohio Chemicals

Medline Plus

Pesticide Resistant Lice

In many parts of the developed world, head lice have recently evolved resistance against pesticides. This makes many of the shampoos currently on the market less effective.

It is highly improbable that lice will be able to evolve resistance to the LouseBuster™ technology because the genetic mutations involved in resistance to pesticides would not protect lice from desiccation. And evolving "resistance" to desiccation is not an option for lice or any other small insect, for that matter. That would be like evolving the ability to go without water.

To better inform yourself, here are some links to articles about pesticide-resistance in head lice:

The Misuse of Pesticides

Clinical evidence of lice resistance to over-the-counter products
October 4, 2000

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