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How to Maintain Lice Free!!

So your kids are active, affectionate with friends, head to head contact happens, all these - there are impossibly no way you can control what is going on around your child's school, who they play with, or if their friends aren't lice free. Thus, it is important that you are alert of any lice outbreak, and aware of any lice threats that might happen.
Once you are treated with our services, or if you want to maintain lice free - we recommend you to
  • Check regularly for head lice best of all check the whole family for head lice at least once a week.
  • By doing a regular check up with our Lice Ninja comb, you can be sure that you are not going to be infested with head lice
  • Remember studies have shown that lice treatments that contain pesticides won't work for you, lice have developed a system that they are able to adapt from these chemical and they will stay alive!!
  • Our Lice Cream and Lice Comb will give you the best and effective way to check for head lice. They work great for prevention and the cream is simply superb.
  • At school, try and have your child's hair tied up in a bun, a tight pony tail or braided, best of all is head coverings. Don't forget to advise your children never to share their hair brush or borrow someone elses at school.

We offer professional Head Lice Screening service for you and your child which is great especially if there is an outbreak reported at school. Our customers have come and benefited from the Head Lice Screening check especially mothers who are suspicious if they have contacted head lice from their own children.

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