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Lice free 2011-09-26
My daughter has lice for the first time in June tis year.So i had her hair cut short and shampoo her with lice shampoo.Every day after school will wash her hair with all those chemicals and wrapped up her hair for the whole afternoon and then it wash again. In the evening, comes the picking out lice time. Like those monkeys in the zoo that you see picking out lice from another monkey and so the Mother monkey which has to be me of coz to pick out lice from her hair.Useless plastic combs that they sell outside in the shop doesn't work.Every evening it gives me a thought of shaving her hair bald so I don't have to do it the monkey way Now again she had it for the second time and I was furious mad thinking that I have to go thru all those playing monkey with her.But my luck is here coz I this time found Lice Ninja.Went to Lice Ninja thinking just to buy the comb and cream and they had my head screen to find out that I had been infected by those little lice too.Had a treatment done by them immediately and I was lice free within an hour. Sent my daughters over to Lice Ninja to had them lice free. Lice Ninja you are great,without you we will have lice crawling on our head .We are lice free now and thank you for the wonderful lice free feeling that you gave us
From: Pj
Jess 2011-06-05
Thanks so much!! i'm lice free :
From: KL
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