Malaysia's Head Lice Removal Salon

Why start from scratch when you have Lice Ninja?

Lice Ninja is expanding and the nation needs us to be on their head. A lot of cleaning up to do all over Malaysia and we have solid business plan for you.

We will be offering:

  • In Home Head Lice Removal
  • School Screening
  • Lice Salon Removal
  • Pesticide Free Products
  • The most Safe, Fast and Effective method for Head Lice Removal.

AND we want you to be on our team!

This is a rewarding job, and it is certainly not a lousy job.

You have to have the passion, believe & trust our mission, a positive attitude, understand Lice Ninja's vision and be motivated. Our Licensing Investment is low and not only it can be a home based business, it can also be your 9 to 5 job.

If you are interested in opening our Lice Ninja Salon or a Home Base Lice Ninja Salon, please apply here or call us at 014-232-9774 . We have many requests for licensing information and we only ask for serious candidates only. Looking forward for your application! 

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